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Chevy 350 TBI Stumbles On Acceleration & How To Fix

As you know, Chevy 350 is a famous small displacement engine set worldwide. It possesses outstanding features: durable speed, smooth operation, and no intense noise during use. As a result, it became one of the most efficient automobile engine sets of the 20th century. 

Although the Chevy 350 was of excellent quality, it had some limitations. The engine problem that many Chevy 350 users complain about the most is the phenomenon of tripping when accelerating. 

The following article will introduce 5 reasons why this phenomenon occurs with Chevy 350 engines.

About Chevy 350 TBI

About Chevy 350 TBI

The Chevy 350 engine is a famous small-displacement V8 engine thanks to a series of outstanding advantages such as noise resistance and durability during use. 

In the 20th century, the Chevy 350 has become the most efficient engine set for users. As a result, it became standard on all Chevy small displacement engines.

The Chevy 350 engine system has a straightforward design and can be upgraded at any time. Thanks to that, the engine will not be outdated over time. For advanced needs in performance or durability, users can upgrade to Chevy 350.

Although the 350 TBI Chevy was discontinued in 2002 to replace more fuel-efficient models, many drivers still love these engines. 

Because they have been familiar with the Chevy 350 brand for a long time, thanks to this engine system, many other machines have been born based on their structure. Therefore, although they are no longer produced, when it comes to Chevy 350, users often praise its quality.

Chevy 350 TBI Stumbles On Acceleration & How To Fix

Chevy 350 TBI Stumbles On Acceleration

Vacuum line leak

This problem will result in the wrong air/fuel ratio supplied to the engine. Then, if this problem continues, it can cause your fuel injector cleaner to malfunction and disappear. 

In addition, users may notice some other signs, such as hissing from the engine compartment or stopping when the vehicle is stopped. At this point, the cause may be a vacuum leak.

With this problem, you will need to check the vacuum line. In case this transmission line is stuck, you can fix them on the spot yourself or ask for the help of technical staff.

#Spark plug wear

Spark plug wear is the next cause of your engine tripping when accelerating. With this phenomenon, if you are a person who has a habit of revving the car a lot, the spark plugs will be corroded, making them less effective. 

It is best to replace another set of spark plugs to fix this situation. If you are wondering about choosing a suitable spark plug set, then Autolite vs NGK Spark Plugs 392 will be the best choice for you.

#Faulty fuel pressure

With the Chevy 350 TBI engine system, faulty fuel pressure is a relatively common cause of this engine leading to tripping when accelerating. 

In particular, the subjective reason is due to your car being short of fuel during acceleration. At that time, the engine will not achieve the desired performance. In addition, there is another cause: your fuel pump is having a problem. Therefore, you need to check both cases to ensure everything before concluding the problem for Chevy 350 TBI.

In addition, since the Chevy 350 TBI does not have a fuel pressure check port, you will need to check them with some other accessories in the pressure gauge. 

To make sure your fuel pump is working correctly, you must rely on fuel pressure. If the reading is between 9 and 13 PSI, your fuel pump and regulator are in good working order.

#Ignition system

While ignition system failure is rare, it could still be the cause of your Chevy 350 TBI engine stumbling during acceleration. 

To work around this, you’ll need to check your car’s base time and unplug the EST bypass connector. The identification of this set of wires is brown with a black line and a connector.

#Sensor problem

With the Chevy engine’s mass air flow sensor cleaner alternative 102 it can send false signals that cause the computer to slow down your time. 

Therefore, you will need to check all the sensors involved in the fuel control process. One of the sensors you need to pay special attention to is the MAP sensor.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

1.Is the Chevy 350 tbi L31 the best version?

The Chevy 350 TBI L31 kit is the brand’s latest and final engine system. Therefore, its quality will be the best of all previous versions.

2.Can I fix it myself when my motor is tripped?

With all 5 problems above, you will need the help of technical staff. Because all parts are located inside the car, it will be difficult for someone who does not have too much experience.

3.Is it expensive to repair a 350 TBI chevy that crashes when accelerating?

Depending on the severity of the problem, the cost of repairing a Chevy 350 TBI engine will vary.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand what causes the Chevy 350 TBI engine to stumble during acceleration. There will be 5 main causes for this phenomenon to happen. 

Therefore, users can rely on audio signals and their own experience to determine the cause of engine failure. 

In most cases, users will need to call car service centers to fix the problem. Because for someone who does not have too much experience like you, it will not be possible to repair their car.

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