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How To Disable Ford Pats System

How To Disable Ford Pats System? 4 Steps

As you all know, for today’s modern cars like Ford, integrating a security protection system is inevitable. However, sometimes the modernity of this system can make it difficult for the driver. 

The most obvious proof of this difficulty is when you lose your Ford car keys. At this time, you will not be able to open the car because the Pats system is activated. So how to effectively disable Ford’s Pats system? The following article will guide you through turning off this system.

What Are Ford Pats?

Pats are a transmitter located in the car’s key system. You will receive a transponder with a different code for each Ford vehicle. These codes will not overlap for each vehicle.

Remember, there will be about 18 billion combinations of codes that the Pats system can generate. Therefore, users will not be able to guess your car activation code.

In addition, for each module, Pats will create an interactive interface with the key. It will transmit data back to the module when you put it in the igniter. When the igniter ignites, it may be caused by the catalytic converter.

At this point, if you have trouble starting, try to fix the catalytic converter without replacing it temporarily .

In addition, this device will always remain in a static state. Therefore, you will not need to use additional batteries to clean the keys for your Ford model.

At the same time, a combination of both Pats and keys will be for your car to work. The car will not start and move if its magnet is not connected. When the key is in the ignition, it will contain a wire spool.

At this time, the coil will convert into electricity and run the chip inside.

What Disables The Pats Control System?

#Broken ignition device

One of the most common causes of a Ford vehicle’s Pats module failure is a faulty ignition device. Some of the reasons this part cannot work are water damaged the keys and physical damage.

At this point, the Pats module will not recognize the password. You will probably have to replace them to continue starting the car. In addition, if you leave your Ford V10 or other models inactive for a long time, it can also cause the ignition device to fail.

Therefore, when testing the Pats control system, you should not ignore the time factor.

#Unprogrammed locking system

An unprogrammed locking system will cause the Pats control system to fail. This situation can happen when you choose to replace the new key. 

At this point, to be able to program the new key, you will need to contact the Ford supplier. The staff will read and set up the code for the new essential system.

#Hardware and software damage

Hardware and software-related damage to the key system can result from physical impact causing internal components to break. In addition, faulty programming algorithms may also make your critical inoperable. At this point, check all the exterior and interior details of the key. Make sure everything is working correctly.

How To Disable Ford Pats System?

Because Ford’s Pats system is highly secure, you won’t be able to get into your car if you don’t connect the approach to the key. Like getting bugs off car, you can refer to the 4 step process below:

#1 Prepare tools

In this step, you will need to prepare all the necessary essential tools:

  • Flathead or straight edge screwdriver
  • The new key has been programmed code
  • Tape

#2 Nail the key shape

After you have prepared all the necessary tools, you can shape the key for your Ford vehicle. Step 2 is the most crucial step of the 4 steps because it determines turning off Ford’s Pats system.

The primary purpose of this step is that you will trick the car’s identification system. At this point, your vehicle will understand that you are using the transponder key. 

If you need to permanently use this type of key, you will need to cut it. At that time, you can start your Ford by inserting the key into the car’s electrical socket.

#3 Remove the chip from the transponder

Removing the chip from the transponder is the next step that you will need to do in the Ford Pats system shutdown process. To do this, remove the chip from the transponder. This disassembly will help you ignite the security system of your Ford vehicle. 

At this point, you can fully access your car with the original key. Then you take the chip away from the original keys, so it’s ready to use with the transponder. 

Finally, it will allow your car to receive your new key as the original key.

#4 Attach Transponder with a new key

After completing step 3 you must attach the transponder with your new key. At this point, you can use tape to hang the transponder on the igniter. To do this, place the chip near an area where the car can read it.

Then, plug the new key into the socket to start the Ford. If you can’t boot, it could be because your chip is misplaced. 

At this point, all you need to do is keep moving until your car can read it correctly to start the car. Doing this can sometimes be a waste of your time. Therefore, be patient because your Ford will be sure to start when the chip is in place.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Can you disable Ford Pats?

The answer is yes. You can completely turn off Ford’s Pats system in just 4 steps. It will help you fool the Ford security system when your key cannot connect to the transponder.

How do you bypass a Ford PATS key?

To bypass Pat’s key, you need to ignite the Ford security system. At this point, you will need to create the key and remove the chipset, and put it in place until the car starts. However, doing this may cause the vehicle security system to fail.

Can you bypass the transponder key?

You can bypass the car’s transponder. But doing this will not be recommended as it will make your car vulnerable to theft and vandalism because this security feature is no longer active.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand how to turn off Ford’s Pats system. To do this, you will need to go through 4 steps. However, disabling the Pats system is not recommended because it will make your car less secure.

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