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Should A Fan Clutch Spin Freely When Cold?

In using vehicles in daily life, you will always ask questions and problems related to the vehicle’s system and equipment.

And an issue is: Should A Fan Clutch Spin Freely When Cold?

That’s why we’re here today to help you get rid of the anxiety you’re having. So, is such free rotation a sign of severe damage? Let’s find out with the article below!

What Is Fan Clutch?


The fan clutch (also known as a centrifugal) is in the cooling system, a spring that works based on the system’s temperature to work.


  • Metal thermostat (bimetal plate)
  • Sealed Bearing
  • Liquid chamber
  • Liquid storage tank
  • Propeller


Currently, on the market, manufacturers, depending on the vehicle type structure, design into 3 types:

  • Electronic
  • Torque limit
  • Heat

However, the thermal clutch is the most common of the three types mentioned above. It is because it has a simple structure, suitable for many models on the market today. Another part is because this engine relies on heat to operate.

Working Principle Of Fan Clutch

A centrifuge is an essential part of the car engine.

The reason for this is that the fan clutch acts as a device to maintain the safest temperature range for the vehicle. It keeps the engine from overheating and measures the temperature of the air as it passes through the radiator. Your car is then controllable at a relative temperature.

After you start the car, the coolant temperature is still at an average level. Therefore, it does not have enough impact to expand but only rotates the propeller.

After the coolant temperature was high, the bimetallic plate was released, causing the device to rotate at an angle. Turning such an angle causes the baffle and valve holes (bimetallic plate) to coincide. So the oil can go through and start working quickly.

After the coolant temperature drops, the bimetallic sheet will slowly shrink. The gap between the reservoir and the working cavity will close at that time, causing the oil to stay in the active cavity.

Should A Fan Clutch Spin Freely When Cold?

Should A Fan Clutch Spin Freely When Cold

Based on our knowledge, a thermal fan clutch will never spin freely unless you apply it manually.

While cold, you can only see it spin up to ¼ revolution to ½ in one cycle. If your fan clutch turns two or more wheels, this could indicate a destructive device.

Part of it can also be due to a damaged spring in it or poor quality or leaking oil in the car, thereby affecting the smoothness of the centrifuge. Because of that, this will make your experience worse.

In conclusion, it is not reasonable for a thermal clutch to rotate freely while cold. If you encounter such a situation, you need to go to a repair place to check what is wrong with your device?

The things we have just presented above only refer to the thermal fan clutch, not including the electronic fan clutch. It is because the electronic fan clutch can rotate freely while cold.

How Can I Notice That The Fan Clutch Is Not Good?


Noise coming from inside the car, especially cv joint noise when driving straight 28 is also one of the reasons that your centrifuge is not suitable. When you accelerate or go on rough terrain, the louder the noise, the more likely your device is damaged.

#Erratic changes in temperature in the car

If you feel that the temperature in your car is too hot compared to the previous time, then the fan in the vehicle is no longer suitable. As mentioned above, its main task is to adjust the most suitable temperature for the car.

In addition, car temperature gauge goes up and down while driving 27 is a phenomenon you must pay special attention to as this may be the most obvious sign.

And therefore, pay attention to this expression!

#Reduced performance, fuel loss

When the cooling device fails, it emits a constant noise that will reduce efficiency and consumption on the fuel pump.

If you let this situation happen, you will have to spend a lot of money fueling the car. Besides, it also affects your health.

Features Of Fan Clutch

  • Energy saving
  • Adjust the appropriate temperature
  • Increase interference engine life
  • Improved fuel vaporization
  • Save engine warm-up time
  • Engine cooling

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is the right temperature for the fan clutch to work?

As far as we know, the proper temperature for equipment to operate is about 170°F for air (180-190°F for engines). In addition, they will drop to 20°F before the machines come to a complete stop.

How long does it take to repair the fan clutch?

Usually, it takes less than an hour to get a new set of equipment. But before that, you need to provide some information to the repairman such as engine size, year of manufacture, and the name of the front centrifuge….to make it easier to repair.

How much does it cost to replace a new clutch?

Each type of equipment will have different costs for each vehicle type, but to give a specific number, the average price will fall between 140 USD and 400 USD.

How to check a bad clutch?

  • Check the fan clutch spin speed
  • Use a thermometer to measure the thermodynamics of the gas flow through the radiator
  • With your hand away from the vent, you will easily feel the temperature change.


Through the above article, we hope to have been able to help you answer the questions you encounter.

Besides, we also want to emphasize the importance of the fan clutch. Because this is an important part of using the car, it can cause unpredictable consequences if you are subjective. Therefore, regularly check the centrifuge in particular and other engines in general.

Thank you for reading!

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